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Whole life

Tides are one of the most reliable phenomena in nature because they’re largely caused by the gravitational forces of the moon and its position relative to Earth.

True as the tides, you can rely on whole life insurance’s guarantees – guaranteed cash accumulation, guaranteed death benefit and premiums that are guaranteed not to increase.

Whole life could be a good fit for:

A person whoBenefit
Wants strong guaranteesPremiums, death benefit and cash values are guaranteed.
Needs permanent protectionDesigned to last as long as you do, provided the premiums are paid.
Wants a mix of guaranteed and non-guaranteed cash valueGuarantees certain levels of cash throughout the policy years and provides the opportunity to receive non-guaranteed dividends.

Key benefits of whole life

Provide a death benefit

Your loved ones get a guaranteed, tax advantaged death benefit if you die

Secure guaranteed premiums

Your policy premiums will never increase, but may be reduced or eliminated

Build cash value

Your premiums and potential dividends create cash value that you can access for future financial needs, including retirement


Ask Aster

Does whole life offer down-to-earth premiums?

You can slow the ascent with Prestige Protector, a policy that offers lower premiums without losing the protection and benefits of whole life insurance. While the potential cash value and dividends may be less than other whole life insurance policies, you can still secure permanent protection. Still a pretty great launchpad for your financial aspirations!

Limited pay expands your options

You may want to take advantage of your financial ability to secure whole life insurance over a short period of time. You just need the right opportunity.

A limited-pay whole life insurance policy allows you to make premium payments for a set amount of time, and after that time is up, the premiums end but your lifetime protection doesn’t.

Talk to your financial professional about our limited-pay whole life insurance options:

  • Prestige 10 Pay 3 (10-year premium period)
  • Prestige Max 4 (premiums to age 65)

Explore whole life

Now that you understand why whole life insurance may be right for you, contact your financial professional to learn more. 

Products are issued by AuguStarSM Life Insurance Company and AuguStarSM Life Assurance Corporation. Product, product features and rider availability vary by state. Guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the issuer. Dividends are not guaranteed. Issuer not licensed to conduct business in NY.

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