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Term life

In 1977, NASA launched the twin Voyager spacecraft to study Jupiter and Saturn. Their mission was simple yet important and they executed it successfully.

Term life insurance is the Voyager of our product lineup. It offers the simplest form of coverage — generally with the lowest out-of-pocket cost — for a set period of time.

Term life insurance is a good fit for:

A person whoBecause
Wants inexpensive protectionIt's the least expensive policy in the short-term
Needs to buy protection for a specific, limited purposeTerm insurance has level premiums for a set amount of time before it runs out, so it works best when your need disappears -- such as protecting your mortgage until it is paid for
Cash value is not a concernIt generally does not provide a cash component

Key benefits of term life

Provide a death benefit

Your loved ones get a guaranteed, tax advantaged death benefit if you die

Pay fixed premiums

Enjoy affordable protection with fixed premiums for terms of 10, 15 or 20 years

Explore conversion options

You can convert to permanent life insurance, even if your health deteriorates


Ask Aster

What makes term life insurance unique?

In space, we tend to focus on the infinite. But in life insurance, there’s sometimes a need for shorter term coverage. Term is considered the simplest form of life insurance, because it generally has the lowest out-of-pocket cost to provide death benefit protection for your loved ones should you die. Still, you can convert from “term to perm,” as I like to say, if your protection needs change. ​

Explore term life

Now that you understand why term life insurance may be right for you, contact your financial professional to learn more. 

FlexTerm Series XII policies ICC18-TR-1/1U, Plus ICC18-TR1.P/1U.P) and any state variations are underwritten and issued by, and guarantees based on, the claims-paying ability of AuguStarSM Life Assurance Corporation.

Premiums are based on the age of the insured at nearest birthday and specified underwriting classification and is subject to change without notice. Premiums for issued policies may be different than a quote premium based upon actual underwriting classification. The premium stated in the policy is guaranteed to remain level for the term of the policy. Term products convertible to the end of the level term period or to the policy anniversary date nearest the insured’s 70th birthday, whichever occurs first. Conversion options vary by term product. The policy includes certain limitations during the first two policy years.

Product, product features and rider availability vary by state.  Issuer not licensed to conduct business in NY.

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