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Access your policy and register your account

Accessing your AuguStarSM Financial policy/contract online starts with registering your account on

Step 1: Register your account

You will need your:

  • Policy/contract number – include the capital letter before the number (This can be found on your statement or on your policy/contract. Or, contact one of our Customer Service centers.
  • Name and address
  • Social Security number

For trust-owned contracts: You will need your policy/contract number, the trustee/owner’s name and address, the Social Security or tax ID number of the owner or annuitant (whichever legally applies) and a valid email address.

Step 2: Complete the Access Agreement

If you own a variable annuity or variable universal life insurance policy, you can opt in to e-delivery for your prospectuses, supplements, annual and semiannual reports and statements.

You may also choose to give your financial professional authority to conduct transactions on your behalf if you have not done so already.

Note for multiple policies/contracts: If you own multiple policies/contracts, you will need to elect e-delivery for each one you own.  Log in and click “Product and Support > e-delivery” to view your registered policies/contracts. If you haven’t registered all your policies/contracts, then select “My Account > Account Summary.” Follow the directions under “Add a Policy or Contract.”

Step 3: Create user name

Create your user name which will be used to log on to your policy or contract in the future.

Step 4: Confirm your registration

You will see a screen that confirms that your account was established. A temporary password will be sent to the email address you provided. You will be able to change the password with your first login. Your confirmation ensures that you have successfully registered.

Please note: Not all fund documents are available for e-delivery.

If you have questions about your policy or contract type or the information you will need for security verification, please contact one of AuguStar’s Customer Service centers.

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